Ansem, seeker of the cock (powercorrupts) wrote,
Ansem, seeker of the cock

The ICON CRIT meme

                        Anonymous icon critique meme

Do you ever wonder if there's something that you could improve with your icons, or have you ever wanted to tell someone that there's one thing that they do phenomenally, but you're afraid to leave a comment logged in? Do you just want a no-risk place to get icon concrit from, without the stress of a lims or applying to a community?

Comment with your username, and the journal you post your icons at. Post 3-10 icon samples, so those who aren't the most familiar with your icons can give you some opinions too.

Pimp to your journal.

Reply to people's samples anonymously (or if you absolutely have to be contrary, logged in).  Anonymous comments have been enabled and IP logging has been turned off.

Try to be polite. Wank is not the name of the game here, so try to leave the sort of comments you'd like to receive.


the icon crit meme

pimping code

Edit: Because comments are happening so infrequently now, and the meme is kind of dead, IP logging has been turned back on. Anonymous comments are still allowed, however. I apologize for any inconvenience.
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